Superhero Baby Shower: Its Time to Gift Something Different

No matter what is the occasion, when you are asking your friends and family members to join your party and take part in your happiness, giving them party favor should definitely be in your listing. Party favor is one popular term to address party giveaways. These giveaways are one form of saying thank you to your invitees for having attended the get-together. As for intensifying the mood of fun and excitement, these giveaways are distributed. There is no restriction when you should be distributing the favors, you can give them on any occasion, at any time of the party.

Now when you are selecting items from ‘To Me With Love’ you don’t need to hand over any secondary memorabilia with them, as their exclusive party favors come with the provision where you can write down the date, name, venue along with other details.  You can give these favors while greeting the guests or any time during the celebration, you can also hand the gift over during dinner. If you are looking for something exclusive, you need to seek a little more, but if you have no time to devote, then ‘To Me WithLove’ is here to help you with their exclusive items like soaps, lipbalms and varying others.

Now if you are wondering why you should be buying lip balms over all other alternative, well, reasons are plenty:

  • The item may turn out petite in size but it comes with real functional value, you can use this item whenever you want. Unlike maximum party favors which are meant for keeping as souvenir, ‘To Me With Love’ will offer item which you can keep and use. You don’t have to be worried about the ingredients used in making these lip balms, as ‘To Me With Love’ right before promoting the item, ensures its class, standard and authenticity.
  • The outward show of the item will definitely enthrall you. The Superhero Baby Shower will herald the arrival of a baby angel. So you can articulate your happiness through silent words and stimulating graphics.


  • They are available in number of colors and flavors so the moment you make up your mind, you will be finding variations to arrest invitees’ attention.
  • You can give party giveaways, pertaining to your profession or vocation. For example, if you are involved in real estate, or housing construction you can distribute wonderful looking Lip Balm With Construction Vehicle Label. The digital labeling will make your guests appreciate your choice and selection.


  • You will be getting abundant space to print the party date, venue, name of the host and different other details. So you are practically saved from the trouble of distributing memorabilia.
  • These items are available for inexpensive price. So you don’t have to be worried about budget and fund.




It has become traditional for newlywed couples to return gifts to their guests in the form of wedding favors. One unique idea would be the gifting of lip balm wedding favors.

These colorful and great smelling lip balms are sure to be appreciated over more ordinary wedding favors of handkerchiefs or paper flowers.  Best of all, these lip balms won’t cost you a fortune when purchased from the online store named: To Me, With Love… which is featured on Etsy.

Though these lip balms look professionally put together with sharp looking labels and tamper proof sealing, each one is lovingly handmade! You will love the wonderful colors of the lip balms and the wide variety of beautiful designs. Best of all, you can fully customize your wedding favor by adding details such as the names of the bride and groom, event date, or even a special message to your guests. There is no additional cost to personalization these custom wedding labels and the lip balm favors come fully assembled and ready to give.

lip balm

Such a thoughtful and useful gift will definitely touch the heart of your guests, helping them remember your wedding each time they use the lip balm.

Lip Balm, liked by all

Whether male and female, lip balm is an item used by all. Many people prefer handmade wedding favors as it adds a personal touch. The problem is that it is time consuming and sometimes costly to get equipment required to create your own favors.

When you purchase lip balm favors from To Me, With Love…, you will save time and money as their products are reasonably priced and a much cheaper option than getting the materials required to make these favors yourself.

These lip balms are made from the highest quality ingredients and work great to moisturize chapped lips and is a wedding favour that will actually be used! These lip balm favors are not just for weddings, but would also be wonderful additions to graduation parties, baby showers or birthdays. Every order can be uniquely customized to your preference in label design, flavour color, and personal message.

Ordering is Fast and Easy

To place an order, simply go to the Etsy store for: To Me, With Love. You will be able to browse through a large selection of label designs. Everything order is custom made so if you have any special requests or would like something you don’t see, all you need to do is contact the friendly owners of the store.

Your order will be lovingly made and get delivered straight to your doorstep. To Me, With Love… provides excellent handmade quality at extremely affordable prices. With these unique favors your guests will all walk away with something they can enjoy.