Lets Explore Why Star Wars Wedding Lip Balm Favors are the Best After all

It’s your wedding, the grand big day you have been waiting for…planning for, the Big day is about to change your life, add more of peace, love and romance. In such happy state, don’t forget to thank the invitees and guests who will be visiting the party and showering blessing and good wishes. Certainly you must have chosen a grand venue, decoration must be flawlessly planned, catering and wedding dress must have been well selected but what about the party koozies and favors? Have you decided that as well? Guests and invitees will be giving you so much love, affection and good things on that day, you should be giving them something in return so that in upcoming days they will be looking at the item and with a smile remember the warmth of your occasion.
So lets not deal in elite and expensive items, rather, lets check through those items which will be drawing instant smile on your invitees face.

•Browse “To Me With Love” on Etsy, here you will find brilliant Star Wars Wedding Lip balm Favors which will not only amuse your guest but also make them be grateful to you for gifting them something which is both beautiful and functional.

•You need not to be worried about the price as for reasonable price you will be getting bulk of personalized lip balms in different range of colors, fragrance. By maintaining variety you can startle the invitees as they will be surprised to see the guests marveling why their lip balms don’t match for e.g Carnival Theme.

•The labels on the case can be personalized where you can include the name also the date so you can use these lip balms on birthdays as well. Star Wars Lip balm Birthday Favors are just the items you would love to share on your child’s birthday.

•These lip balms are simply wonderful as they are super moisturizing and paraben free. So you can apply the balms on kids also try on yours if you have developed chapped lips of late. These lips balms are made with castor seed oil, beeswax, coconut oil, lanolin, sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil and Vitamin E. Now all these components are really complimentary for soft and smooth lips and your guests will be happy to have them for sure.

•The lip balms are of 0.15 oz / 4.25 g of lip balm and if you are thinking about dealing in Yoda wedding favor, well, this is the best decision taken ever if you so want to please your guests with something exciting yet functional. These party favors are something that guests can actually use and that is too almost on regular basis.


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