Wedding Couple Lip Balm: Best Way to Say ‘Thank You’ To Your Guests

Looking for beautiful wedding favors but can’t reach any sound conclusion as all ideas are seem tocommon and boring! Why don’t you browse “ToMeWithLove” featured on Etsy as there you are certain to encounter something unique and elegant.  Wedding Couple Lip Balm as the site features in amazing assortment will make you smile in delight the moment you see. Customized Lip Balm is definitely one of the finest most creative party favors that all your guests will like irrespective of age, caste and ethnicity. Such Souvenir Lip Balms are made for the individuals to keep with them and the moment they will look at your name and the date of your wedding, the happy moment of the day will sweep through their mind in an instant.


Why lip balm

It hardly matters in which season you are getting married, whether it is summer or winter, monsoon or autumn. People are usually tend to develop chapped lips , Lip Balms available on “ToMeWithLove” are prepared with high quality moisturizing agents along with other components which other than carrying soothing soft smell repairs cracked lips right away. The balm is definitely FDA Compliant and made with high standard beeswax. These balms are available in flavors like Pomegranate, Banana, Coconut, Root Beer, Bubble Gum, Kiwi, Mango, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Peppermint and many more. Now you will definitely choose these lip balm Wedding Favors for the digital print label it sports. These labels are not only attractive and flawless in design. You can easily add your information and customize the label in accordance to your requirements.


Something unique

On “ToMeWithLove” you are not restricted to choose only one variety but you will be getting multiple options to choose from. Whether you are planning for same sex marriage or elder partner marriage you can pick one according to the theme and mood of the event. If you are a nature lover or you are having penchant for animals, you can select one according to your personality and temperament. Your guests will be mesmerized and you will be having great way to share your feeling in one of the silent yet sweetest manners.

Placing order

With “ToMeWithLove” placing order is simple. All you have to select the design and color. inform the service provider concerning the number of pieces you want. You need to inform them also about the names of the couple, date and venue as well and within few days you will be having your order delivered at your doorstep. You need not to be worried, you won’t be regretted rather you will utterly be contented when your guests will admire your selection and value your choice.


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